How much do you need to spend to succeed in Runescape

Define success. Maybe it’s having 2,147 billion GP in the bank? Perhaps it’s completing the entire array of quests in the game or maybe it’s beating every single person in the Duel Arena or Wildy? Whatever the case may be, we will try to comprehensively overview the most common objectives in Runescape and how long should it take you to complete them. For the sake of this article, we will only focus on OSRS and not RS3.

Reach 99 in all skills

Let’s take a freshly created account and see, approximately how long it would take him to reach the total level of 2277, or max out 23 skills. Given the condition of an unlimited supply of money and previous experience you could count:

  • Smithing could take anywhere between 120 to a 150 hours
  • Mining – around 215-235 hours
  • Skills like Prayer are tricky because you could pass through it quickly or waste a hundred something hours
  • Skills like Slayer and Runecrafting are the most time-consuming and would take way more than 200 hours each. Slayer could easily reach beyond 300, and Runecrafting gets so tedious that sometimes it might be difficult to motivate yourself.

In total, we find out that you could (with an endless supply of gold) max out your account in somewhere between 2400 to 2700 hours of gameplay. That turns out to be close to a 100 days of non-stop gaming. Let’s say you can play 8 hours a day; it would still take you almost an entire year of non-stop skilling with unlimited gold to reach 99 in everything. Poor you. However, you can try this if you wish. Buy Old School Runescape gold from one of the stores and try to outpace the 2400 hour time.

Finish all quests

If you are a real adventure seeker, then quests are just what you will be interested in. Old School Runescape has 137 complete quests which can be completed to earn a skill cape. First of all, you need to include the time it is required to reach the required levels of skills for specific quests. But let’s say you have a 99 overall account and you seek to know how long will it take to finish all quests.

Let’s count:

With guides: most quests take less than an hour to complete with a guide (or slightly more) but what consumes a lot of time is preparation and getting ready for them. Buying or gathering items can get heavy so let’s say anywhere between 180 hours (if you’re lucky) and 300 if you struggle.

Without guides: Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness and some other quests become nearly godlike impossible. However, if you do manage to get by them, you can consider yourself a true quest pro. Without guides the previously estimated times could inflate to 3-4 times more extended periods, possibly even exceeding a 1000 hours (though on an unlucky pattern).

Reach 200 mil XP in all skills

Haha… This is a good one. To this day, less than 350 players can brag about this impressive achievement in their account on Runescape 3. Suomi became the first player to reach 200m XP on all 25 (then existing skills). Capping off at least one skill at 200 m XP is very difficult, let alone 23 (the number of skills in OSRS)

Let’s say you had an unlimited supply of Old School Runescape gold from Probemas, what happens next? Well, that’s up to you where to begin from. But a skill like mining is going to consume at least 1600 to 1850 hours, let alone to reach 200 million XP in Runecrafting may very well take longer than reaching 99 in all of the skills. This is a goal for a true “Runescapehead” and it should take you years and years before 200m XP is achieved in all skills. However, if it’s your goal – go for it.

Having the most gold.

This one is quite easy. Because Old School Runescape is built on top of the 32-bit engine, you can only have a max stack of 2147 million. To earn this much by selling clay, you would need roughly 18 million units of clay. To mine that much it would take you… Well… Not likely that you even have that much time… You can go to gold selling sites and see how much real-world cash you would need to spend in order to have a max stack of 2,147 billion.

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